Wednesday, May 24, 2017

White House Budget Aims to Kill ‘Crazy’ Climate Science

A copy of President Trump's FY2018 Budget. (Credit: Reuters) Click to Enlarge.
As The White House released its budget request for the 2018 fiscal year on Tuesday, the Trump administration made good on its promise to target deep cuts to federal spending on climate, energy, science, research and other programs widely seen as critical to America’s ability to adapt to a warming world and reduce its impact on the climate.

White House Budget Director Mick Mulvaney told reporters Tuesday that the government has been spending too much money on climate change and Trump’s proposed budget intentionally rebukes the Obama administration’s support for federally funded climate research.

“We want to do some climate science, but we're not going to do some of the crazy stuff the previous administration did,” Mulvaney said.

Trump, who has called climate change a hoax, has strenuously objected to the Environmental Protection Agency’s greenhouse gas emissions regulations created by the Obama administration.  His budget reflects his vow to hamstring the EPA’s ability to control and monitor climate pollution by cutting its budget by about 30 percent — more than any other agency.

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