Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Electric Cars Becoming Popular as Grid Gets Greener

Mark Bishop opens the hood of his Honda Insight, which he converted to run on electricity. (Credit: John Upton/Climate Central) Click to Enlarge.
Polls show that Tennesseans are among the least worried nationwide about global warming, yet they support one of America’s healthiest electric car markets.  One out of every 400 new cars sold in the state in 2016 could be plugged in, Auto Alliance figures show, ranking Tennessee 11th nationwide.  Electric car owners here tend to give other reasons for their purchases and view climate benefits as nice extras.

“The car of the future,” said Williams, a retired federal nuclear worker, beaming as he drove his Tesla Model S after punching the [accelerator] to show off its acceleration.  “When I went and test drove it and saw it personally, I mean, I just liked everything about it.”

Analysis by Climate Central shows that at least one variety of 2017 all-electric or plug-in hybrid electric car will have a smaller impact on the climate after 100,000 miles of driving than any of its gas-fueled competitors in 37 states, including Tennessee.  That’s up from 16 states in 2013 as power grids have become greener.

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