Saturday, May 20, 2017

A Majority of Americans Wants Trump to Stay In the Paris Agreement

A new poll shows that most Americans believe in man-made climate change and want the U.S. to work with the rest of the world to combat it.

President Trump repeatedly vowed to “cancel” the Paris Agreement during his campaign. (Credit: Kevin Lamarque / Reuters) Click to Enlarge.
By next month, President Donald Trump will decide the future of the Paris Agreement, the historic climate deal signed by all but two countries.  He pledged during his campaign to “cancel” the accord, which commits the United States to cutting planet-warming emissions, and sources told HuffPost he is leaning toward pulling out.

But a majority of the country wants the U.S. to remain in the pact, according to HuffPost/YouGov poll taken this week.

Sixty-one percent of Americans said the country should stay in the agreement, while just 17 percent supported withdrawing.  Another 21 percent said they were unsure.

The ratio reflects the overwhelming support the Paris Agreement has among big players trying to influence the president’s decision.  Within the administration, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, Energy Secretary Rick Perry, and familial White House advisers Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump support keeping the U.S. in the deal.  Corporate giants, including Walmart, General Mills, and DuPont, as well as coal companies and oil majors BP, Exxon Mobil Corp., and Royal Dutch Shell, urged Trump to support the accord.  Democratic lawmakers and environmental groups, naturally, are on that list, too.

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