Monday, May 22, 2017

Half the Global Population Could Face ‘Unknown’ Climates by Mid-Century

Maps show emergence of new climates under the RCP4.5 emissions scenario for the end of the century for a standard map (upper) and population-weighted cartogram (lower). Shading indicates the signal-to-noise ratio (the darker the shading, the higher the ratio). Maps show results for the median of all the climate model simulations. [Source: Frame et al. (2017)] Click to Enlarge.
Billions of people across the world could see climates they’ve never experienced before by the middle of the century, a new study says.

Using a measure of climate ‘familiarity,” the researchers show that the tropics in particular are likely to experience conditions that are virtually unheard of for the region in the present climate.

But keeping global temperatures rise below 2C above pre-industrial levels could help keep the climate “familiar” within this century, the researchers say.  That means people alive today could see the benefits of mitigation within their lifetimes.

Read more at Half the Global Population Could Face ‘Unknown’ Climates by Mid-Century

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