Wednesday, May 17, 2017

NY Times’ Stephens Can’t See the Elephant in the Room on Climate Change - by Dana Nuccitelli

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There was tremendous outcry when the New York Times hired opinion columnist Bret Stephens, who has a long history of making misinformed comments about climate change. 
On American climate policy, the GOP is the problem
Stephens’ columns worry that America will jump on the bandwagon of any feel-good climate policy.  If only we lived in a world where that were a legitimate concern.  In reality, the Trump administration is taking every possible step to undo all American climate policies.  They’re considering withdrawing from the Paris climate agreement because they believe it won’t allow America to increase its carbon pollution.

The administration has effectively declared war on the Earth’s climate and our future well-being.  Noam Chomsky has called the Republican Party the most dangerous organization in human history because of its climate denial and policy obstruction.

Stephens’ focus on corn-based ethanol is like a cancer patient worrying about a hangnail. Certainly, all parties should debate the best and most effective policies to address climate change.  We’ve been pleading with Republicans for years to engage in that debate. Democrats have proposed all sorts of different policy solutions - government regulations, free market cap and trade systems (a Republican invention), small government revenue-neutral carbon taxes - you name it.  They’re not the problem.

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