Friday, July 13, 2018

UK Seeks Post-Brexit Climate Tie-Up with EU

Cooperation on climate change is a “shared interest” between London and Brussels, according to a paper released by the UK government on Thursday.

UK prime minister Theresa May meets European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker (Photo Credit: Number 10) Click to Enlarge.
The UK will seek to continue its climate change cooperation with the EU after it leaves the union in 2019.

That’s one of the few climate takeaways from a white paper on the future relationship, released on Thursday by Theresa May’s government.

The document, which sets out in the most detail yet the UK’s ambitions for a deal it will negotiate with Brussels in the coming months, said the government “recognises the UK’s and the EU’s shared interest in global action on climate change and the mutual benefits of a broad agreement on climate change cooperation”.

The UK’s domestic laws are already “more stretching than those that arise from its current obligations under EU law”, said the government.  “The UK will maintain these high standards after withdrawal.”

What a future broad agreement could look like, said think tank E3G’s Pete Clutton-Brock, was a continuation of the UK’s involvement in the EU’s interaction with the Paris climate agreement.

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