Sunday, July 22, 2018

BYD Charges into Norway — 42 Articulated Electric Buses Ordered for Oslo

BYD Articulated Buses, Oslo Norway (Credit: Click to Enlarge.
BYD is making more headway in the Nordics with 2 large bus orders in Norway for 42 more of its articulated electric buses for the capital city of Oslo.

Norwegian transit operator Nobina placed the two orders for new BYD electric buses.  The new deals are for a total of 42 BYD 18 meter articulated buses that will complement the two pilot buses that started operations in the capital in December of last year.

The orders also highlight a trend we are seeing here at CleanTechnica where companies, fleet managers, cites, states, and countries are increasingly satisfied with cleantech pilots and looking to scale up rapidly in the coming months and years.

The 42 new buses will all come equipped with rooftop pantograph charging that allows the vehicles to pull up under a charging station — for example, at a bus stop or bus depot — and receive a charge without having to manually plug a charger in at all.  Pantographs all but automate the charging process while maintaining the high efficiencies of conductive charging.

Read more at BYD Charges into Norway — 42 Articul ated Electric Buses Ordered for Oslo

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