Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Momentum Toward ZEV Adoption Takes a Village

Electric Zero Emission (ZEV) Challenge (Graphic Credit: WheelZine) Click to Enlarge.
States, regions, cities, international businesses groups, and other NGOs are urging the rapid adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) around the world to decarbonize the transport sector.  A new “Zero Emission Vehicle (ZEV) Challenge” has been launched by The Climate Group and C40 Cities to gather momentum for electric and other clean vehicles.  The coalition says that “The scale of opportunity is bigger than we’ve ever seen before.” What’s different with this EV activism? They’re bringing together global purchasing power — hitting ’em in the wallet and playing the capitalism game on the offense.

As well as creating a fiscal gestalt from existing commitments, the ZEV Challenge leaders are urging the global auto industry to pledge to accelerate the manufacture of EVs and to step up production to satisfy the growing demand. They are urging other leaders in key groups as well to join the effort to signal “an endgame for fossil-fuel vehicles” and drive forward progress toward a clean future.

The ZEV Challenge brings together existing climate change activist programs which up to now have been focused on separate sectors to amplify their collective purchasing power and influence on the transportation market. By providing an opportunity for key players in the auto sector to position themselves as leaders in the large-scale transition to EVs, the ZEV Challenge increases the likely speed to a Zero Emissions Future and plays a full role delivering the goals of the Paris Agreement. The Climate Group has always sought the cessation of mass internal combustion engine (ICE) transportation, as these vehicles have emissions that pose health risks and are a significant contribution to climate change.

The ZEV Challenge announcement is designed to accelerate trends already underway in several nations, regions, states, and cities. Countries like France and the UK have already promoted end dates for the sale of vehicles powered by gasoline and diesel-fueled engines. Others like California have committed to putting 5 million zero-emission vehicles on their roads and highways by 2030.

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