Sunday, April 29, 2018

New Ray of Hope for Solar Fuel

Hydrogen evolution test (Credit: Scientific Reports) Click to Enlarge.
The quest to develop the 'Holy Grail' of affordable, viable, and environmentally-friendly fuels using sunlight has taken an exciting new twist.

A team of Renewable Energy experts from the University of Exeter has pioneered a new technique to produce hydrogen from sunlight to create a clean, cheap, and widely-available fuel.

The team developed an innovative method to split water into its constituent parts -- hydrogen and oxygen -- using sunlight.  The hydrogen can then be used as a fuel, with the potential to power everyday items such as homes and vehicles.

Crucially, hydrogen fuel that can be created through this synthetic photosynthesis method would not only severely reduce carbon emissions, but would also create a virtually limitless energy source.

The ground-breaking new research centers on the use of a revolutionary photo-electrode -- an electrode that absorbs light before initializing electrochemical transformations to extract the hydrogen from water -- made from nanoparticles of the elements lanthanum, iron, and oxygen.

The researchers believe this new type of photo-electrode is not only cheap to produce, but can also be recreated on a larger scale for mass and worldwide use.

The research is published in leading journal, Scientific Reports.

Read more at New Ray of Hope for Solar Fuel

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