Sunday, April 22, 2018

Miami Beach's Future Is 'Uncertain,' Experts Say, but Sea Rise Pumps Are a Good Start

An anti-flooding water pump roars at full capacity at Maurice Gibb Park in the 1800 block of Purdy Ave. in Miami Beach due to the beginning of King Tide last October. (Credit: C.M. Guerrero Read more at
Miami Beach's $500 million attempt to elevate and pump itself out of sea level rise's path has drawn criticism, but an expert panel concluded Thursday that the city's doing what it needs to survive.

The question of Miami Beach's future, whether the community stands a chance in the face of rising seas, was an unspoken theme in every interview the panel held this week, said Mark Osler, a national practice leader in Coastal Science and Engineering with Michael Baker International.

"Our professional opinion is that the outcome is uncertain, and it is in your hands," he said, to audible gasps from the audience.  Osler said the panel believes the city has a future if the public and the government work together on solutions and don't let up on the push to enact them.

The experts praised the city for "acting with courage" to start construction on the elevated roads and pumps that have left streets dramatically drier after floods — provided, of course, the power isn't knocked out in a storm.

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