Sunday, February 05, 2017

Wind Turbines Head for Homes Again

Cutting-edge research helps revive European plans for many homes to have their own wind turbines as part of a clean energy revolution.

An old-style wind turbine on the roof of a house. (Image Credit: Andol via Wikimedia Commons) Click to Enlarge.
A new type of small wind turbine for home electricity generation, intended to match the popularity and potential of solar power, is being developed in Europe.
Domestic wind turbines
The EC wants 20% of the bloc’s electricity to come from wind energy by 2020 and believes that, as well as large-scale commercial wind farms being built onshore and offshore in Europe, small domestic wind turbines can also play their part.

An EC-funded small wind energy project (SWIP) has succeeded in producing small turbines with more efficient blades and far lighter turbines.

The idea is that a household with a small turbine, solar power and a back-up battery installed would probably be able to provide all its own power most of the time, and help to stabilize national electricity grids by reducing peaks and troughs in demand.
Wind turbines featuring the new blades and generators are being tested at three different sites that represent three different possible uses − on energy-efficient buildings, shorelines, and in industrial areas.

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