Wednesday, February 08, 2017

Russia Starts Work on Climate Adaptation Strategy

Kremlin wants new plan by mid-2018, as brief sent to regions highlights focus on extreme weather events, permafrost thawing

Kremlin (Credit: Pic: Flickr/Pavel Kazachkov) Click to Enlarge.
Russia has started working on a national climate change adaptation strategy, with ministries and regional officials to asked assess the risks of adverse impacts and possible adaptation measures.

With a delivery date pencilled in for mid-2018, ministry of environment officials told Kommersant, a business daily, they wanted to “get the regions to think about working on adaptation plans — so far most of them are busy dealing with consequences but many of those negative changes require adaptation”.

Yet at a recent meeting with the ministry only six regions out of 85, including Moscow and Saint Petersburg, were able to report any progress made on the issue as others point to a lack of funding, Kommersant reports.

The Russian government also adjusted its 2020 climate change action plan in late January, outlining extra risk assessment and adaptation needs for permafrost degradation, sea level rise, increased rainfall and extreme weather events.

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