Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Check the Blueprints for Trump’s Climate Wipeout

Myron Ebell’s 9-point plan to dismantle US climate policy would see Washington pull out of UN climate body, freeze clean energy subsidies and oppose carbon taxes

Anyone who has a vague understanding of what Donald Trump might say or do next is currently a minor celebrity, drawing crowds where once they struggled to fill a phone box.

So it proved with Myron Ebell, director of environment at the Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI), a libertarian Washington DC think tank, who spoke in London on Monday.

Ebell never met Trump.  But he headed Trump’s environmental transition team in 2016, formulating a plan for how the new president should tackle pollution and climate change.

He quit his post on 20 January when the president-elect finally took over the White House, having left what he says was a “confidential” set of proposals for office.

Ebell would not discuss what was in his submission, though he strongly hinted at a wide-ranging cull of green policies and regulations he described as a “threat to freedom”.

A US withdrawal from the UN’s Paris Agreement was imminent, he suggested.  Trump’s chief strategist Steve Bannon would see to that, he added.

So it this a case of wait and see, smoke and mirrors?  Not quite.

In early December the CEI published what it called a “Pro-growth agenda for the 155th Congress”, which included a detailed set of policy proposals penned by Myron Ebell.

His 26-page thesis offers an insight into his thinking, and that of his transition team, and from the start the disdain for renewables and climate science is clear

Read more at Check the Blueprints for Trump’s Climate Wipeout

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