Wednesday, January 04, 2017

Under Trump, Watching U.S. Momentum on Clean Energy and Climate Slow but Not Stop - by Joel Stronberg

Trump digs coal sign at Louisiana GOP rally in Dec 2016 (Credit: Tammy-Anthony-Baker_creative-commons) Click to Enlarge.
I don’t doubt the nation’s transition to a clean energy economy will continue after Donald Trump is inaugurated in January.  Economics, a rapidly growing number of companies owning responsibility for their carbon emissions, and ordinary people acting on behalf of future generations underpin the trend towards environmental sustainability.

How far and fast the transition will occur is in part dependent on the actions of the federal government.

Sustainability is a family affair requiring the collaboration of many public and private sector actors. Its achievement is the consequence of shared responsibilities.

One may argue the finer points of today’s federal clean energy and environmental policies and programs.  What cannot be convincingly argued, however, is the pivotal importance of federal participation in establishing uniform environmental standards and a reasonably level commercial playing field.

I have been in the business of renewable energy for a very long time; and, in that time, I have never been so apprehensive about the future of federal clean energy and environmental policies and programs.  Under usual circumstances I would view a change of administrations as simply part of the natural ebb and flow of politics — confident that interruptions of the political space/time continuum will, with a bit of patience, re-establish a workable, if not working, equilibrium.

Today’s circumstances are hardly usual.  The contentiousness, frustration, enmity, quarter-truths, total lies and recriminations of the 2016 elections, appear certain to be carried forward  in the formation and operation of the new administration.

Many skirmishes between climate deniers and defenders will be fought before a new national clean energy and environmental agenda emerges.  The battle lines are just now forming.

Divination of successful advocacy strategies by the clean energy and environmental communities requires a reasonable understanding of what actions the Trump administration is likely to attempt.  The following is my guesstimate of what they will endeavor to do within the first year of office.

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