Thursday, January 26, 2017

Climate March to Descend on Washington in April

The next People's Climate March is being organized to protest President Trump's agenda of attacking climate action and promoting fossil fuel development.

Organizers hope the next People's Climate March in Washington rivals the turnout of the one in New York in 2014, when more than 400,000 people rallied for climate action. (Credit: Getty Images) Click to Enlarge.
Motivated by the success of the women's march last weekend, as well as the Trump administration's efforts to revamp the nation's environmental protection and science policy, advocacy groups have announced a People's Climate March on Washington for April 29.

A steering committee of more than two dozen organizations is organizing the event.  It is supported by the major national environmental groups and an array of social justice, religious, and labor groups, ranging from the Hip Hop Caucus to the Franciscan Action Network to the BlueGreen Alliance.  More than 100 groups have endorsed the march.

The People's Climate effort is recreating the coalition that put together the largest climate march in history:  when 400,000 people gathered in the streets of New York City in September 2014 to coincide with the United Nations general assembly.

This time, the groups are turning their sights on Washington, where Donald Trump is embarking on his agenda for his first 100 days, which aims to sweep aside climate protections and expand fossil fuel development.

Climate activist Bill McKibben, the co-founder of wrote in a story in Rolling Stone magazine that the purpose of the march was "to show the election didn't cancel physics."

"Politicians need to be reminded, even as they do the bidding of the industry, that the rest of us are watching," McKibben wrote, noting that the march will take place on the 100th day of the Trump administration.  "His early surge can't be avoided, but it can be slowed."

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