Friday, June 10, 2016

The Media’s ‘Murrow Moment’ Missed Trump’s Dangerous Climate Views - by Joe Romm

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The mainstream media has begun to call Donald Trump out for racism, as HuffPost notes in banner headlines. But Donald Trump is also a climate science denier — and the mainstream media mostly ignores it.

Obviously racism and climate denial are very different things.  Racism has been harming vast numbers of people for centuries.  Many have called it “America’s original sin.”  The worst harms of climate denial lay ahead — though the gravest danger also happens to be to the poor and disenfranchised.

I bring this question up because racism and climate denial do, in their own way, both pose an existential threat to the idea of America — and because the pushback on Trump’s racist statements is being trumpeted as the media’s “Murrow Moment.”

I have little doubt the legendary journalist Edward R. Murrow, who spoke out against Senator Joe McCarthy six decades ago, would also be speaking out against climate science denial.
Trump's climate science denial gets little attention from the Mainstream Media
Yet Donald Trump can proclaim the wackiest of anti-science climate denier talking points for months, and in 20 debates, the media asked him precisely zero questions about this greatest of all preventable threats to America.  Trump proclaims “We’re going to cancel the Paris climate agreement” -- humanity’s best if not only chance to avoid catastrophic irreversible climate change lasting 1000 years -- and the media treats it as a one-day story if they cover it at all.

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