Monday, March 21, 2016

Will Happer Rebrands George C. Marshall Institute as CO2 Coalition

Smokestacks and Will Happer (Credit: Click to Enlarge.
The George C. Marshall Institute (GMI) was a leader in climate denial from 1990 onward, but disbanded in 2015. Its chairman Will Happer and CEO William O'Keefe rebranded its climate denial effort as the CO2 Coalition, more accurately a CoalOILition.

Of its 18 people, 15 signed Happer's “300 scientists” (sic) letter to help Lamar Smith(R-TX) waste more taxpayer money harassing NOAA.  Early analysis of the signers list makes it look even sillier than Happer's 2009 petition to the American Physical Society, as will be seen in a forthcoming detailed post. Oil and coal industry people are well-represented.

Inspired by DeSmog UK's recent exposure of Patrick Moore's work for European coal, this post summarizes known connections of those involved in the CO2 CoalOILition.  People were tagged Coal and/or OIL, explained below.  For example, of 18, five worked directly for Exxon, Shell, or the American Petroleum Institute.  Also, 14 have been involved with Heartland ICCC meetings.

The first table is a dense summary, the second gives the backup details. 

Readers might evaluate climate-related efforts from such a group as akin to health recommendations from Big Tobacco. 

Coal, OIL and the CO2 CoalOILition
C O Board of Directors C O Advisory Committee
  O Roger Cohen C O Larry Bell
  O Bruce Everett Jan Breslow
C O Will Happer C O Kathleen Hartnett-White
C O Craig Idso C O Richard Lindzen
C O Patrick Moore C O Pat Michaels
  O Rodney Nichols C O Mark Mills
C O Harrison Schmitt C O Norman Rogers
C O Leighton Steward C O Roy Spencer
  O William O’Keefe O Lorraine Yapps Cohen

The detailed list annotates the descriptions from their website, to explain the C and O tags.

Money flows are often hidden via Donors Trust, Donors Capital Fund or transfers among think tanks, but the following have gotten OIL funding directly from ExxonMobil, the Kochs and/or Richard Mellon Scaife.2

Center for the Study of Carbon DIoxide and Global Change (CSCDGC); the Idsos also got various Coal funds.
Heartland Institute, also Coal money via Murray Energy, ICCC (speakers) sponsorship by Illinois Coal Association,
Manhattan Institute,
Texas Public Policy Foundation (TPPF)

Read more at Will Happer Rebrands George C. Marshall Institute as CO2 Coalition

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