Sunday, March 27, 2016

Meteorologists Overwhelmingly Conclude Climate Change Is Real and Human-Caused

Jim Cantore, The Weather Channel on-camera meteorologist and storm tracker, reports on Winter Storm Jonas in Washington, D.C. (Credit: Kevin Wolf/AP Images for the Weather Channel) Click to Enlarge.
Meteorologists, who keep their hands on the pulse of what’s happening to the atmosphere, are taking notice. While some, by their nature, are cautious about emerging scientific ideas and theories, new survey data reveal almost unanimous agreement that the climate is changing and a huge majority support the view that human activities are largely behind it.

According to a January survey from George Mason University released Thursday, more than 95 percent of meteorologists think climate change is happening and more than 80 percent of them estimate human activities are at least half-responsible (more than two-thirds “mostly” responsible).

Seventeen percent of respondents to the survey said their views about climate change had changed over the past five years and, of those, most (87 percent) said they are more convinced than ever that human-caused changes are happening.  They were most persuaded by new peer-reviewed studies, the growing scientific consensus on climate change, and evidence of climate change where they live.

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