Thursday, April 18, 2019

Extreme Heat Is Growing Threat to Harvests

A warmer world means more chance of extreme heat in more than one continent at the same time, and a rising threat to global food security.

Parched crops will become a commoner sight as the heat rises. (Credit: Irina Iriser on Unsplash) Click to Enlarge.
Ever-higher average global temperatures mean more intense extreme heat over ever-wider regions.

When the planet becomes on average 1.5°C warmer than it was for most of human history, then for two out of every three years, one-fourth of the northern hemisphere will experience the kind of blistering heat waves recorded in 2018.

And should planetary average temperatures creep up by 2°C – the maximum proposed by 195 nations at the global climate conference in Paris in 2015 – then the probability rises to 100%.  That is, extreme heat over a large area of the hemisphere will be guaranteed every summer.

Heat extremes are all too often accompanied by devastating thunderstorms or extended drought and massive outbreaks of wildfire, with potentially disastrous consequences for harvests in the blighted regions.

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