Monday, April 29, 2019

Bloomberg Plugs US Funding Gap for UN Climate Body

The billionaire philanthropist has contributed $5.5 million to cover international climate negotiation costs and related initiatives in the private sector.

Michael Bloomberg (Photo Credit: Deposit Photos) Click to Enlarge.
Michael Bloomberg is contributing $5.5 million to the UN climate negotiations budget, to fill the gap left by the US administration.

The media mogul and former New York mayor made the payment on top of $4.5m last year, in a show of support for international cooperation on climate change.

Under president Donald Trump, the US is lagging behind its expected contributions to UN Climate Change – although Congress saved some funding from the axe.  It put $2.5m into the core budget in 2018 and is expected to match that in 2019.

“The United States made a promise to meet the goals outlined in the Paris Agreement – and if the federal government won’t hold up our end of the deal, then the American people must,” said Bloomberg in a statement.

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