Wednesday, December 26, 2018

How 12 Communities Are Fighting Climate Change and What’s Standing in Their Way

They’re using renewable energy, urban planning, their voices, and the law to try to rein in climate change that’s already in their front yards.

Nicole Ballard’s home in Imperial Beach, California, has flooded several times in recent years. The city can't afford seawalls, so it's suing companies responsible for greenhouse gas emissions as sea level rises. (Credit: David Hasemyer/ICN) Click to Enlarge.
As the risks of climate grow increasingly clear and the damage rises, communities around the country are fighting back in their own ways.

Tiny Imperial Beach is suing Big Oil in a David-and-Goliath legal battle.  Students at an Evangelical College are educating their generation and their elders.  Regulators in Georgia and business owners in Colorado and Michigan are finding new ways to expand clean energy, and California is committing to 100 percent renewable energy.  

It's rarely an easy batttle, though, and the fossil fuels industry and its supporters have been pushing back.  As activists try to stop fossil fuel pipelines, several states have written laws to try to silence them.  Sea level rise threatens the future of a critical military shipyard, while the Trump administration rejects climate science and ignores the risk.  The nearby city of Norfolk is scrambling to adapt to rising seas and discovering it can't save every neighborhood.  New members of Congress, meanwhile, are pushing big plans for a "Green New Deal."

These are their stories.

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