Saturday, October 06, 2018

Carbon Engineering Claims Direct Air Capture of Carbon Costs Less than $100 per Ton

Carbon Engineering creates clean fuel out of air (Credit: Carbon Engineering) Click to Enlarge.
Carbon Engineering, a corporation based in Canada, has built a demonstration facility for its direct air capture technology.  Based on its experience to date, it has put together a peer reviewed report published in scientific journal Joule that claims the cost of removing carbon directly from the atmosphere can be as low as $94 a ton.

The objection we hear from climate deniers all the time is that doing anything about the problem of global warming will cost far too much money.  That argument only makes sense if one assumes all the results of a changing climate — massive migrations, famine, rising sea levels, and extinction of most plants and animals currently living — have no economic cost.  As absurd as that assumption is, it is now the default position of the United States government.

And truth to tell, even nations that say they take climate change seriously are doing far too little to prevent the inevitable from happening.  If we are going to “science our way” out of the looming global catastrophe, we should have started 50 years ago, a fact that will be made forcefully by the 6th IPCC climate change report when it is published on October 8.

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