Monday, September 10, 2018

Editorial of the Week - Trump’s dirty environmental policies will echo for ages

The Big Rivers Electric Corporation power plant in Robards, Ky., May 27. The Trump administration on Aug. 21 made public the details of its new pollution rules governing coal-burning power plants, and the fine print includes an acknowledgment that the plan would increase carbon emissions and lead to up to 1,400 premature deaths annually.  (Photo Credit: Luke Sharrett /NYT ) Click to Enlarge.

As the world watches the legal twists and turns of the Trump administration, something far more consequential is happening.  Long after Trump, Michael Cohen, Paul Manafort, and the rest are forgotten, the inhabitants of Earth will still be dealing with climate change.  And policies the president recently announced are going to make the problem worse for us and put future generations on track for disaster.

A couple of weeks ago, Trump began relaxing automotive fuel efficiency standards that require automakers to improve fuel efficiency of cars over the next decade.  Now, Trump is replacing former President Barack Obama’s Clean Power Plan, a policy that reduces emissions from electric power plants.

By the EPA’s own analysis, these actions by Trump reverse policies that were addressing climate change.

To understand how climate is affecting you today, consider the miserable summer we’ve experienced.  Climate change is one of the reasons it’s so hot.  So, it follows that it’s driving up your air-conditioning bill, as well as the bill for businesses you rely on.  Like higher oil prices, this increased expense ripples through the economy and takes money out of your pocket. 

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