Friday, September 28, 2018

19 Countries Team Up to Go Carbon Neutral

The UK, Canada, Denmark, and Spain joined a coalition to slash emissions to net zero on the sidelines of the UN general assembly in New York.

UN headquarters in New York (Picture Credit: UN Photo/Manuel Elias)UN Photo/Manuel Elias) Click to Enlarge.
A group of 19 countries officially launched the Carbon Neutrality Coalition in New York on Thursday (27 September), just weeks before the European Commission is expected to publish a document outlining policy scenarios to reach carbon neutrality by 2050.

Europe dominates the coalition, with 12 EU member states pledging to meet the Paris Agreement’s goal of achieving carbon neutrality “in the second half of the century”.

Four new countries – Canada, Denmark, Spain, and the United Kingdom – joined the initial 15 members, meaning Europe is strongly represented, with 12 of 19 members.

“Today, we announce we will develop long-term low-greenhouse gases emission climate resilient development strategies, in line with the agreed long-term temperature increase limit.  We will do so well ahead of 2020, and if possible by 2018,” reads the declaration of the Carbon Neutrality Coalition.

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