Friday, February 02, 2018

Climate Effects Strike US Military Bases

Climate effects strike US military installations today, a Pentagon study finds, despite White House failure to recognize any threat.

Climate compounds problems for flying in Alaska. (Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons) Click to Enlarge.
Once more, the administration of President Trump seems puzzled about how seriously – if at all – it should regard how climate effects strike US military abilities.

In December the president listed the global threats he reckoned the US was facing – and climate change didn’t get a mention.  Now, though, the US Department of Defense says many of its bases are feeling the worrying impacts of – climate change.

Around half of US military bases worldwide are already experiencing those impacts, a Pentagon report says.  A survey shows risks to military infrastructure related to climate and extreme weather are widespread, affecting nearly 50% of the 1,684 sites involved.

The survey, described as a vulnerability assessment, identifies several key categories of risk:  flooding, both from storm surges and causes such as rain, snow, ice and river overflows; extreme heat and cold; wind; drought; and wildfire.  The Pentagon says the risks are not confined to vulnerable coastal sites.

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