Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Shipping Industry Must Take ‘Urgent Action’ to Meet Paris Climate Goals

 Shipping containers with gantry crane. (Credit: Cultura Creative (RF)/Alamy Stock Photo) Click to Enlarge.
A declaration launched today at the “One Planet” climate summit hosted by French president Emmanuel Macron has urged the shipping industry to meet the Paris climate goals.

The “Tony de Brum” declaration – named after the celebrated Marshallese politician who died earlier this year – calls for shipping to take “urgent action” to contribute to meeting the 2C and 1.5C goals of the Paris accord.

The declaration was released at the summit in the French capital, which marks two years since the Paris Agreement on climate change was adopted in the city.

It was signed by 35 countries, including the UK, France, Denmark, Germany, Canada, the Marshall Islands, Chile, and New Zealand.

Shipping produces at least 2% of global CO2 emissions, but the International Maritime Organisation, the London-based UN agency responsible for regulating shipping, has struggled to set its own emissions reduction target.

Other key news from the summit included an announcement from the World Bank that it will largely stop financing oil and gas exploration after 2019.  In addition, Macron described Donald Trump’s announcement in July that he intends withdraw the US from the Paris accord as “extremely aggressive”.

The new shipping declaration comes amid a current push within the IMO to at last develop a decarbonisation strategy, something it has long been under pressure to do.

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