Sunday, August 06, 2017

Automation Is Engineering the Jobs Out of Power Plants

Natural gas-fired power plant (Photo Credit: Mitsubishi) Click to Enlarge.
As coal-fired electric power plants close across the U.S., they take with them coal mining jobs, to be sure.  And while those job losses have generated considerable political heat, a no-less important employment shift is under way within power plants themselves.

Gone are many of the mechanics, millwrights, and welders who once held high paying jobs to keep coal-fired power plants operating.

As maintenance-intensive coal-fired power plants—chock full of rotating equipment and leak-prone pipes and valves, not to mention conveyor belts and coal ash handling equipment—are retired they are being replaced to a large extent by gas-fired units that make full use of sensors, predictive maintenance software, and automated control systems.

As a result, the extensive use of analytics and automation within natural gas-fired power plants means that staffing levels can be cut to a fraction of what they were a decade ago.

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