Monday, June 05, 2017

Tropics to See ‘Unprecedented’ Climates Under Future Warming

Map showing where projected future climates already do (green shading) or do not (red) exist somewhere today, under 2C of warming (relative to a 1986-2005 baseline). Yellow shading shows areas where future climates exist for some seasons only. Analysis takes into account future changes in both temperature and rainfall. Stippling indicates where more than 66% of the 35 models agree on the results. [Source: Dahinden et al. (2017)] Click to Enlarge.
Without action to curb CO2 emissions, more than a third of the world could face climates that are different from anything observed anywhere today, a new study finds.

The research, recently published in Environmental Research Letters, follows hot on the heels of a recent paper in Nature Climate Change, which looked at how global temperature rise means that billions of people will experience climates that are “unusual”, “unfamiliar” and “unknown” in the future.

While the new study is similar, it goes a step further by considering how rainfall is likely to change in the future, as well as temperature.

Read more at Tropics to See ‘Unprecedented’ Climates Under Future Warming

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