Thursday, June 22, 2017

New Catalyst Paves Way for Carbon Neutral Fuel

An active catalyst that yields CO2 conversions of 96% and a CH4 selectivity of 99%. (Credit: Click to Enlarge.
Australian scientists have paved the way for carbon neutral fuel with the development of a new efficient catalyst that converts carbon dioxide (CO2) from the air into synthetic natural gas in a 'clean' process using solar energy.

Undertaken by University of Adelaide in collaboration with CSIRO, the research could make viable a process that has enormous potential to replace fossil fuels and continue to use existing carbon-based fuel technologies without increasing atmospheric CO2.

The catalyst the researchers have developed effectively drives the process of combining CO2 with hydrogen to produce methane (the main component of the fossil fuel natural gas) and water.  Currently, natural gas is one of the main fuels used for industrial activities.

"Capturing carbon from the air and utilizing it for industrial processes is one strategy for controlling CO2 emissions and reducing the need for fossil fuels," says University of Adelaide PhD candidate Renata Lippi, first author of the research published online ahead of print in the Journal of Materials Chemistry A.

Read more at New Catalyst Paves Way for Carbon Neutral Fuel

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