Sunday, June 11, 2017

IEA:  Only 3 Out Of 26 Assessed Technologies Ready to Meet Paris Climate Change Targets

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Out of 26 assessed technologies “needed” for the achievement of long-term climate change targets set as part of the Paris Agreement, only 3 are “on track,” according to a new report from the International Energy Agency.

The report argues that this is because governments have failed to provide enough support for the large-scale deployment of such tech.  The 26 assessed technologies in question being: various renewable energy modalities, electric vehicles, energy storage tech, carbon capture tech, etc.

The 3 out of 26 technologies in question that are “on track” are:  electric vehicles, energy storage, and “mature variable renewables.”

The report reads:  “Transformation toward a clean energy system is not in line with stated international policy goals.  Many technology areas suffer from a lack of policy support and this impedes their scaled-up deployment.”

This isn’t actually news of course, as it was assumed by a great many observers of the Paris agreement that the lack of binding actions would result in a vast failure to achieve the supposed goal (limiting warming to well under 2° Celsius, as compared to pre-industrial temperatures).

The new report notes that, while the energy sector could potentially be “carbon neutral” by 2060 “to limit future temperature increase to 1.75° C by 2100,” this would only occur if technological innovations are “pushed to the limit.”

Read more at IEA:  Only 3 Out Of 26 Assessed Technologies Ready to Meet Paris Climate Change Targets

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