Monday, December 12, 2016

Leaked Transition Team Memo Outlines Trump’s Catastrophic Energy Agenda - by Joshua S Hill

Sherco Generating Station - Xcel Energy Sherburne County Coal-Fired Power Plant (Credit: Click to Enlarge.
A memo obtained by the Center for Media and Democracy outlining Donald Trump’s energy agenda for when he takes Office next January has revealed the full extent to which Donald Trump is going to lay waste to America’s climate record and clean energy industry.

The memo, obtained by the Center for Media and Democracy, was written by Thomas Pyle, head of the Department of Energy transition team for President-Elect Donald Trump’s incoming administration.  It lists 14 key energy and environment policies (listed in full below) the incoming administration is planning to enact. According to Mr Pyle, “After eight years of the Obama administration’s divisive energy and environmental policies, the American people have voted for a change — a big change.”  As such, Mr Pyle explains that “We expect the Trump administration will adopt pro-energy and pro-market policies.”

Highlighted as key aspects of President-Elect Trump’s energy agenda is the promise “to hit reset on the most harmful parts of the Obama climate agenda, including the Paris Agreement and the so-called “Clean Power Plan.”  Mr Pyle’s memo takes to task all the environmental and pro-clean energy policies of the previous eight years, including the recently-defeated carbon tax ballot initiative in Washington State, adding that “we must remain vigilant to ensure it doesn’t rear its head again.”

Read more at Leaked Transition Team Memo Outlines Trump’s Catastrophic Energy Agenda

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