Thursday, August 04, 2016

Cities Rush to Join Climate Drive After Paris Agreement

Non-profit CDP reports 533 cities are sharing their climate plans, an increase of 70% since 2015

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysias largest city, is reporting climate data to CDP this year for the first time (Picture Credit: Flickr/Daniel Hoherd) Click to Enlarge.
The Paris climate deal has inspired a surge of cities signing up to do their bit in preparing for weird weather and cutting greenhouse gas emissions.
Across the world, 533 cities are reporting their environmental data to non-profit CDP – a 70% increase on the previous year.  They are home to 621 million people.

Africa membership increased nearly fourfold to 46 cities, with Accra, Kisumu and Mazabuka among those taking part for the first time.
CDP gets municipal authorities to publish emissions inventories and policy pledges in a consistent way, so:
While national governments are ultimately responsible for their contribution to the Paris pact, cities are increasingly recognised as drivers for change.
Read more at Cities Rush to Join Climate Drive After Paris Agreement

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