Monday, February 22, 2016

University of Texas Poll:  Vast Majority of Americans Backs Action Against Climate Change

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Coming just a few weeks after nearly 200 nations agreed in Paris on a sweeping international plan to combat climate change in December, the latest University of Texas Energy Poll has found extremely wide support for such climate action in the U.S.  The results were released Thursday.
A vast majority of respondents, who were surveyed in January, said they supported action against climate change in the latest version of the semiannual UT Energy Poll.

For the first time since the national poll was launched in 2011, participants were provided several statements describing possible U.S. roles in addressing global climate change and asked which one best reflects their own opinion.

The largest number – 43 percent – picked this statement: “Climate change is an urgent threat and all countries need to take action equally.”
Another question posed for the first time in a UT Energy Poll asked about the central phenomenon at the heart of the multifaceted process called climate change:  “One of the anticipated effects of global climate change is significant increase in the temperature of the planet.  How concerned are you about this?

Seventy-one said they were concerned (with the largest portion – 40 percent – saying “very concerned”), while just 8 percent said they were “not concerned.”

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