Sunday, August 16, 2015

Untouchable:  The Climate Case Against Arctic Drilling - Oil Change International

'The message is clear: the melting Arctic is a dire warning, not an invitation.' (Image Credit: Greenpeace/Oil Change International) Click to Enlarge.
When you think of the Arctic, you may picture vast glaciers, frigid waters, miles of ice, and probably the quintessential polar bear.  The Arctic has been the final frontier for centuries:  the ends of the earth.

But a new reality is setting in in the region – a reality of a changing climate, and the scramble of Big Oil to move in where sea ice is disappearing.  But this irony is just the beginning.  Royal Dutch Shell is leading the charge in the Alaskan Offshore Arctic, investing billions in a high risk bet that the world will fail to tackle climate change.

In a new report we published Thursday with Greenpeace USA, we lay bare the case for why the future of Arctic oil is inherently tied to action on climate change.  The bottom line is that there is no room for Arctic oil in a climate safe world.

Read more at Untouchable:  The Climate Case Against Arctic Drilling - Oil Change International

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