Saturday, August 15, 2015

Climate Change Is Getting Its Own Museum

An architectural rendering of one Climate Museum design. (Credit: Erin Graham/RISD) Click to Enlarge.
Miranda Massie is on a mission to create an institution from scratch.  It will cost many millions of dollars and years to build, but when done, it will help define the next 200 years of human existence.

So what exactly is at the core of this mission?  A museum based in New York City that chronicles the global and local impacts of climate change, the possible solutions and the connections that exist between every visitor to the museum and the world around them.

“The ambition of the museum is to be a lab and a hub of climate awareness by making things concrete and giving people a shared space,” Massie said.  “It’s critical to building people’s confidence that what they do and say and think about climate can matter.”

Massie is a lawyer by trade, but she now runs the Climate Museum Launch Project, an idea that came to her in the wake of Sandy’s floodwaters in 2012.  What started as a vision in her head has since been sketched by architects, approved by the New York Board of Regents, and is about to see its first round of seed funding this fall.

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