Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Facing Facebook:  Australia’s Cap-and-Tax - by James Hansen

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I did not mean to pick on Australians.  However, we must make note of and learn from our mistakes.  The two main points that I made in discussions in Australia re their cap-and-trade were (1) it would be ineffectual in reducing emissions, and (2) it would be recognized as a tax, and thus it would not survive and grow at the rate needed to phase out emissions.

What I support is a simple honest approach, fee-and-dividend, designed for the public and most of all designed to effectively address the carbon/climate matter.  Not one dime to the government.  Once in place, this system would be armor-plated; most people would get more money in the dividend than they pay in increased costs; they would want the carbon price to rise.  Yes, rich people would pay more, but nothing they can’t afford, and it addresses growing wealth disparity.

A few more comments, using the U.S. as the example.  I am an optimistic person, but let me for a moment point out some of the bad sides of people.  It helps explain why governments resist consideration of a simple transparent system that would work.

Facing Facebook:  Australia’s Cap-and-Tax - by James Hansen

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