Wednesday, July 30, 2014

DOE Discloses First Steps to Curb Leaks in Natural Gas Systems

Richard Mark, CEO of Ameren Illinois, said the company’s $330 million gas investment plan will modernize major natural gas pipelines and install advanced monitoring technology. (Credit: Dilip Vishwanat | SLBJ) Click to enlarge.
Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz yesterday announced preliminary initiatives to combat leaks of the potent greenhouse gas methane from pipelines, compressors and other parts of the natural gas distribution infrastructure.
  • Efficiency Standards for Natural Gas Compressors – The Energy Department will begin the process of establishing energy efficiency standards for new natural gas compressor units, which are currently estimated to consume more than 7 percent of natural gas in the US. Improved efficiency will help provide energy savings for consumers and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Advanced Natural Gas System Manufacturing – In collaboration with industry, the Department will evaluate and establish a high-impact manufacturing research and development initiative to improve natural gas system efficiency and leak reduction.
  • Incentives for Modernizing Natural Gas Infrastructure – Following discussion with Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) Chair Cheryl LaFleur, Secretary Moniz has recommended that FERC look at ways to provide greater certainty for cost recovery for new investment in modernization of natural gas transmission infrastructure.
  • Encouraging State Leadership for Efficient Distribution – The Energy Department will join the National Association of State Regulatory Utility Commissioners in a technical partnership to accelerate investments for infrastructure modernization and repairs to natural gas distribution networks, with DOE providing grant funding and technical assistance to help inform decision-marking by state utility commissioners.
DOE Discloses First Steps to Curb Leaks in Natural Gas Systems

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