Saturday, April 26, 2014

California Governor Issues Second Drought Emergency Proclamation

California Governor Jerry Brown walks onstage to speak at the 2014 California Democrats State Convention. (Credit: Reuters/David McNew) Click to enlarge.
California's drought is so severe that the state will roll back some environmental protections and loosen the rules on transferring water to farmers, Governor Jerry Brown said on Friday.

Issuing his second emergency proclamation on the drought in just three month, Brown said the state would redouble its efforts to conserve and distribute water fairly, and called on residents to avoid washing their cars, watering their lawns and even accepting glasses of water in restaurants if they are not thirsty.

Brown linked the drought to global climate change, saying that unless people reduce their dependence on fossil fuels, conditions will continue to worsen.

"The only way out over the long term is to substitute the fossil fuel with solar, with wind," Brown said. "We are playing Russian roulette with our environment."

California Governor Issues Second Drought Emergency Proclamation

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