Thursday, March 13, 2014

Climate Change Showdown in Florida Governor's Race

The governor's race in Florida is expected to pit Gov. Rick Scott (left), a climate skeptic who has repealed virtually all of the state's climate policies, against former Gov. Charlie Crist (right), a Republican-turned-Democrat who has pledged to make tackling global warming a top priority if he's elected. Experts say the stakes are high for low-lying Florida, which is highly vulnerable to rising seas and other climate impacts. (Credit: State of Florida) Click to enlarge.
Florida, the most vulnerable state in the country to climate change, faces a key election this November that could have significant ramifications for its ability to cope with the challenge of rising seas and intensifying coastal storms.

If incumbent Tea Party-aligned Rick Scott is reelected governor, it is expected to mean four more years of inaction on global warming.  His likely opponent, Democrat Charlie Crist, a former governor of Florida, is committed to aggressive climate action.  Environmental groups, scientists and policy experts say that if Crist or another climate hawk wins, it would give the state at least a shot at staving off the worst effects of global warming. 

"It is critically important that the governor of Florida take action on climate change," said Frank Jackalone, senior organizing manager of the Florida chapter of the Sierra Club. "Even if the [average] forecasts for sea level rise come true, much of the state will be in trouble, areas will be wiped out and communities evacuated."

Climate Change Showdown in Florida Governor's Race

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