Friday, March 28, 2014

Autumn Ending Later in Northern Hemisphere, Research Shows

Fall foliage in Ontario. (Credit: aiko99ann, Wikimedia Commons) Click to enlarge.
On average, the end of autumn is taking place later in the year and spring is starting slightly earlier, according to research.  A team of researchers examined satellite imagery covering the northern hemisphere over a 25 year period (1982 - 2006), and looked for any seasonal changes in vegetation by making a measure of its 'greenness'.  They examined in detail, at daily intervals, the growth cycle of the vegetation - identifying physical changes such as leaf cover, color and growth.

Autumn Ending Later in Northern Hemisphere, Research Shows

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  1. Northern Hemisphere? In certain northern countries, now in April was colder than "usual" reaching tempts as low as 0 C. in the mountains or 5 C in the cities! "Normally" during spring is really hot. "Changes to the carbon cycle” are just an elegant term to convince people. I think Atkinson is over-enthusiastic about something that is just "politically" accepted. 25 years of study is nothing to conclude that is a modern "climate change" I consider is just a cycle that was repeated over the geological years and eras. The whole research shows the blind enthusiasm that any high school student can have.