Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Five Ways the Sandy Recovery Is Far from Over

Residents start to clean up after Superstorm Sandy in Brooklyn, NY. (Credit: Shutterstock)
One year ago today, Superstorm Sandy barreled into the East Coast of the U.S. and left an unprecedented swath of destruction in its wake.  While much has been done to rebuild from the extreme event, a large part of the recovery effort remains unfinished.

Here are a few of the ways the states impacted by the storm continue to struggle in their effort to return to life as it once was and brace for the likelihood of future storms.

  1. People can’t get home.
  2. The recovery hasn’t happened everywhere.
  3. Transportation will be hamstrung for years.
  4. Hospitals need to be safeguarded.
  5. Businesses are fighting to stay afloat.
Five Ways the Sandy Recovery Is Far from Over

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