Sunday, January 14, 2018

Tesla Supercharger Network 2018 — Plans Call for Rapid Expansion Throughout North America, Asia, Europe, & Oceania

Tesla is aiming to rapidly grow its network of proprietary electric vehicle superfast-charging stations over the coming months.  Of course this is all the more important and interesting as Tesla Model 3 production ramps up and the total fleet of Tesla vehicles on roads around the world grows at a quicker and quicker pace.

1,130 Supercharger Stations with 8,496 Superchargers (Credit: Click to Enlarge.
Based on the maps seen on the Tesla website, a very large number of new Supercharger stations will be opening “soon” — with particularly large numbers to be opened in North America, China, and Eastern Europe.

With regard to North America, what’s probably most notable is that the plan is clearly there to close off all remaining gaps in long-distance travel routes … but also that the company is working to further develop the charging infrastructure within large cities where Tesla ownership rates are high. Clearly, this is partly an attempt to provide for the needs of Model 3 buyers who don’t have access to home charging facilities (and will thus be reliant upon public facilities).

With regard to the USA specifically, California, Texas, Florida, Oregon, Washington, Colorado, and pretty much all of the Northeast will be built out considerably more than they are now over the near term — if the company’s map for planned stations is to be believed, anyways. It’s also interesting that North Dakota will be getting its first stations soon, meaning every state in the contiguous US will then feature Supercharger stations.

With regard to Mexico, Tesla is now counting on quite a buildout in the country, with the plans slated to allow for nearly continuous travel from Texas to the Yucatán (there’s a further gap that will have to be bridged). Also noteworthy is that Monterrey and Guadalajara will both be getting their first stations.

With regard to Canada, the plans will see cross-country travel made possible, with the prairie provinces slated to get their first stations as well as New Brunswick and Nova Scotia.

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