Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Electrify America Chooses Greenlots to Charge EVs Every 70 Miles on Highways Across USA

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Decidedly, we can’t get enough good news from Greenlots, as now Electrify America has revealed that it has selected the company to deploy its “Fueling Stations of the Future” platform for electric vehicles (EV) nationwide.

Electrify America Uses Greenlots For Its Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure
Greenlots is the news lately.  In December, the company announced that its electric mobility (e-mobility)  smart charging solutions won over Electrify America for part of its $2B investment in a nationwide community-based EV charging initiative.  Electrify America is focusing on workplaces and multi-dwelling units.  Greenlots will provide the end-to-end deployment of up to 900 charging stations.  The cities chosen where it will deploy stations are Boston, Seattle, New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Fresno, Sacramento, and San Diego.  What this means is that businesses and facility owners will have access to turnkey charging stations facilitating EV charging for owners.

What’s exciting about this is that Greenlots has only been around for 8½ years.  It developed enough expertise and experience in that time, however, to attract big strategic partnerships, as we mentioned previously.

Electrify America is part of a global expansion of charging infrastructure to facilitate EV availability.  As carmakers are finally committing to EVs, this gives the opportunity for leaders such as Greenlots to offer software and turnkey solutions for a flexible grid.  Greenlots told us it is working hard making sure EV drivers will have access to the lowest total costs with charging networks.  This will be done through Electrify America’s community-based charging stations, which rely on nonproprietary connectors and charging protocols.

In a recent conversation with CleanTechnica, Brett Hauser, CEO of Greenlots, said:  “Electrify America’s partnership with Greenlots ensures that this unprecedented investment supports a broader vision in which electricity is the fuel of the future.  As we usher in a revolutionary convergence of the automotive and energy sectors, this nationwide infrastructure initiative to bring more chargers to workplaces and multi-unit dwellings is vital.”

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