Tuesday, March 27, 2018

From Billions to Trillions:  Pledge Calls for More Green Bonds

The Climate Bonds Initiative (CBI) annual conference in London on March 20 provided the backdrop for the launch of a new pledge for the use of green bonds for infrastructure investment.

Front cover of Der Spiegel 33/1986, ‘Die Klima‐Katastrophe’ (Source: Der Spiegel) Click to Enlarge.
Speaking at the conference, former UN Climate Chief Christiana Figueres unveiled the new campaign for the pledge, which calls for public and corporate capital expenditure programs to be aligned with climate and emissions goals, according to CBI.

The Green Bond Pledge seeks to have cities, public authorities and the world’s largest corporate organizations commit to increase their use of green bond finance so that new infrastructure meets the challenges of climate change.  The declaration was created to reinforce the goals of the Paris Agreement.

More than a dozen entities, including CBI and the Office of the Governor of California, worked together to create the pledge.

CBI estimates the issuance of green bonds will reach US$250-300 billion this year.  CBI said that the theme of the conference in London was:  “How to take the green bond market from billions to trillions.”

In a statement, Figueres said that “organizations committing to the Green Bond Pledge will help the necessary acceleration of capital flows — before 2020 — to deliver on a sustainable future.”

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