Friday, November 25, 2016

Trump Fools the New York Times on Climate Change

Trump waves to crowd as he leaves New York Times Tuesday. (Credit: AP/Mark Lennihan) Click to Enlarge.
Donald Trump spouted incoherent anti-scientific nonsense on climate change at length with New York Times reporters and editors Tuesday — and they totally fell for it.

Ignoring most of what he actually said, the Times ran a story, “Trump, in Interview, Moderates Views but Defies Conventions,” which opens, “President-elect Donald J. Trump on Tuesday tempered some of his most extreme campaign promises … pledging to have an open mind about climate change.”  (Emphasis added.)

Why does the Times say Trump has an “open mind” on climate?  Because Trump said he has an “open mind” on climate.  In fact, he said it six times in the span of a few minutes.

Pay no attention to the hardcore climate denier that Trump named his chief White House strategist, the hardcore climate denier Trump put in charge of the EPA transition (and who is on the shortlist to run the EPA), the climate action opponent Trump named as his Chief of Staff, the fossil fuel executives and lobbyists overseeing his transition for the departments of Energy and Interior, and the conservative Supreme Court judge he can name who would be the fifth vote to block the EPA’s modest domestic climate plan.

And, whatever you do, pay no attention to what else Trump said in that interview (transcript here).  Here he is on climate science:
It’s a very complex subject.  I’m not sure anybody is ever going to really know…. they say they have science on one side but then they also have those horrible emails that were sent between the scientists…. Terrible.  Where they got caught, you know, so you see that and you say, what’s this all about.  I absolutely have an open mind.
Seriously.  He has an open mind, but he doubts scientists will ever know the truth about climate change, not to mention those “terrible” emails (which were in fact a true nothingburger, as seven independent inquiries concluded)

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