Sunday, October 09, 2016

Kite-Driven Power Could Replace Wind Turbine Power

A kite-powered wind energy generator.  (Credit:  Kite Power Solutions) Click to Enlarge.
The United Kingdom will begin harnessing energy from kites flying 450 meters above ground as early as next year.  Developed by UK-based Kite Power Solutions, the system is composed of two 40-meter wide kites that rise and fall in tandem, spooling a tether line to turn a turbine.  A test site was previously built in Essex, and a 500-kilowatt system will be built near Stranraer, Scotland on the West Freugh air force station. Because the kites are lighter than wind turbines, they can more easily be built offshore and reach higher altitude winds, which are faster and more consistent.  The technology, which companies hope could revolutionize global renewable energy strategies, is also being tested in Switzerland and Italy, among other countries. 

Maf Smith, the deputy chief executive of RenewableUK, told The Guardian, “This is an ambitious project to harness wind power at extraordinary heights and it shows the level of innovation within the renewables industry.”  The company predicts that the technology could reduce energy costs in the UK and also provide accessible sources of renewable energy in developing countries.

Read more at Scotland to Generate Some of World’s First Kite-Driven Power in 2017

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