Wednesday, April 06, 2016

Earth's Soils Could Play Key Role in Locking Away Greenhouse Gases

Tractor in a field (stock image) (Credit: © Vitaly Krivosheev / Fotolia) Click to Enlarge.
The world's soils could store an extra 8 billion tonnes of greenhouse gases, helping to limit the impacts of climate change, research suggests.

Adopting the latest technologies and sustainable land use practices on a global scale could allow more emissions to be stored in farmland and natural wild spaces, the study shows.

Growing crops with deeper root systems, using charcoal-based composts and applying sustainable agriculture practices could help soils retain the equivalent of around four-fifths of annual emissions released by the burning of fossils fuels, the team says.

The role that soils could play in efforts to combat climate change has until now been largely overlooked, owing to a lack of effective monitoring tools, say a team of scientists including researchers at the Universities of Aberdeen and Edinburgh. Recent advances in technology have enabled researchers to work out their full potential.

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