Thursday, May 21, 2015

Experts Blast New York Times Hit Piece on EPA

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The New York Times put a 1,700-word piece on its front page Tuesday that accuses the EPA of violating federal laws on grassroots campaigning.

The paper ran the story despite knowing the accusation is not true, a fact that is buried deep in the article. How is that journalism?

Here is how the Times previews the story on its website:

Now that is a click-bait story for both conservatives and progressives — EPA accused of law-breaking. The problem is you have to read 1,000 words into the story, something most people will never do, to learn this bombshell:
Jeffrey R. Holmstead, an energy industry lobbyist and an E.P.A. deputy in the Bush administration, said the E.P.A. was “using campaign and advocacy strategies to promote a regulatory action.” But he and other experts said the agency’s actions did not appear to cross a legal line.

Read more at Experts Blast New York Times Hit Piece on EPA

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