Thursday, April 16, 2015

Two Gallup Polls Pick Environment over Dirty Energy

Gallup poll on national attitudes about environmental protection vs. energy production, March 2015 (Credit: Gallup) Click to Enlarge.
The Gallup pollsters have been on the phone again.  They’ve reported two surveys on energy and the environment in the past week.  What they have to say about American attitudes may surprise you.  It may also play a role in the upcoming 2016 elections.

The polls found that in March 2015, US citizens have two central attitudes toward these subjects:
  • The government is not doing enough to protect the environment, and
  • The government overly emphasizes energy production.
One poll shows that an overwhelming majority of Americans (86%) believe that the federal government is doing either “too little … in terms of protecting the environment” (48%, or practically half the nation) or “the right amount” (34%).  Only 16% see too much government emphasis on environmental concerns.

According to the other poll, conducted March 5-8, US citizens put a higher priority (49%) on environment over development of energy supplies (39%), a full 10% difference.  About one out of 10 people (11%) either had no opinion or could not choose.

Read more at Two Gallup Polls Pick Environment over Dirty Energy

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