Monday, November 17, 2014

Hundreds Rally Against Proposed Natural Gas Pipeline in Massachusetts

Preliminary maps for the pipeline in Worcester County (Credit: Click to Enlarge.
Hundreds of residents from three Northeastern states rallied against a proposed natural gas pipeline Saturday, saying that the proposal isn’t worth the possible damage a pipeline could inflict on the environment.

About 500 people attended the Stop The Pipeline Statewide Summit in Fitchburg, MA to learn more about the proposed pipeline and to speak out about their concerns of property and environmental damage that could come along with it.  The proposal in question is Kinder Morgan’s Tennessee Gas Pipeline Northeast Energy Direct project, which proposes expanding an existing natural gas pipeline from Pennsylvania to Wright, NY and from Wright to Dracut, MA.

Elaine Mroz, a resident of Lunenburg, MA, helped organize the summit, which was attended by multiple state lawmakers and included presentations by the Conservation Law Foundation and other groups.  Mroz told the AP that she’s worried about the impact the pipeline could have on her property, which is near the project’s proposed path.

“That’s kind of our family homestead, we know all the rocks and the trees,” Mroz said. She also said she doesn’t want to support a project shifts the Northeast’s focus more towards natural gas and less towards renewable energy.

“If we invest in this pipeline, it’s going to lock us into gas,” she said.  “There are a lot of people here looking at how we can make a better energy policy.”

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